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This is where my cards for Sugar & Spice, a food TCG can be found. If you join, please say JessRaquel referred you.

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Trade Log
May 27th,2009- Traded chocolatebunnies06, rolls01/20, boiledeggs10/15/20, ceral18 for cocktails05/06/07/14/15, pumpkins16, pomegrantes07 plus membercards with Mahorka. Got corn13, lettuce20, puto18, and cream cheese from CandyLand. Got maplesyrup11, sprinkles15, eclairs08, and oil from Flowers. Got beef15 and frozentreat05 from Fruity. Got candycorn02, creepycandy07, sashimi07, and butter from Herb Garden. Got drumsticks02, chocbunnies11, lemons03, and parmesan from The restaurant.
May 21st, 2009- Traded tomatoes06/17 for cheese13/17 plus membercards with Sherry. Got greenbeans08, beans06, steak12, oil, fortunecookies17, icecream06, frozentreat08, flour, caviar01, tofu06, soup16, and salt from 3 Course Meal. Got petitfours03, dragonfruit01, redfood16, coffee03, cheesecake01, gingerbreadcookies05, and eggs from Banquet.
May 13th, 2009- Traded jellybeans12/20 for christmas02 and grilledcheese05 plus membercards with Mira. Got cucumbers08, hotchocolate15, gnocchi12, soda06, and petitefours13 from Cakewalk. Got lemons13, starfruit13, peeps05, parmesan, buffalowings02, mayonnaise05, bbq15, crackers10, bakingsoda, popcorn14, wontonsoup06, squash01, pepperoni, and 1 reg choice card from Broken Chips. Chose spaghetti11 for choice card. Got kiwi06, gummies01, pumpkins11, and eggs from Cocktail. Got marshmellows10, frozen06, eggs, beets01, guava18, salt, peeps18, toast17, eggs, crinklecookies04, cremebrulee02, scones11, and milk from Culinary Genius. Got club11, cranberrysauce12, cremebrulee19,and pizzacrust from Fast Food. Got boiledeggs15, garlicbread11, and sugar from Food Coloring. Got hotfudge11, coffee15, yogurt01, and brown sugar from Got Milk.
May 12th, 2009- Traded goldeggs06/13 for cheese19, pizza08, plus membercards with Sarah.
May 6th, 2009- Traded boiledeggs10, beansprouts06, chocbunnies01/20 for spaghetti4/15/17/18 plus membercards with Bev. Got popcorn18 and breast10 from freebies. Took ceral18, club18, cucumbers18, eggplant18, friedeggs18, indiancorn18, and redonion18 from Updates. Completed easter event challenge #9, received cherries07, pretzels10, hotpeppers20, peeps16, and easter29. Completed easter event challenge #10, got pizza14, figs13, sprinkles03, hotxbuns13, and easter30. Mastered easter cupcakes and finished Easter Event, received easter basket of recipe Irish Cream, spagbol02, devilsfood04, sodabread01, mousse07, splits05, bagels02, ginger12, toffeeapples01, salad17, eastercookies01/02, simnelcake08, goldeggs06, spookiecookies19, eastereggs07, spaghetti3/5/7, and layout11/12. Got shooflypie05, empanadas10, passionfruit16, jellybeans20, and pizzacrust from Calorie Counting. Got pomegranates12, boiledeggs10, pricklypears13, chestnuts03, eclairs05, vinegar, foodcoloring, milk, chocolatechipmuffinsrecipe, puzzle11, and spaghetti10 as my 1 choice regular card from Hard Puzzle. Got milk&cookies01, boiledeggs20, blueberries04, peas19, and hotsauce from Mash. Got noodles15, shortbread19, bakingsoda, cherries18, spookycookies11, and sugar from Scrambled. Got molasses02, pavlova04, popcorn13, gnocchi07, and molasses for Finding George. Got steak08, bananas14, pancakes07, and salt from Utensils.  Got yulelog07, eclairs03, lychees03, and cheddar from Wrong Ingrediant. Got macaroons07, mangoes13, chocolate05, pasta12, and salt from Missing Ingrediant.
May 4th, 2009- Traded dips17, ham17, and raspberries18 for cocktails01/02/03 plus membercards with Helena. Traded yogurt11, chocoeggs04/11/13 for spaghetti04/09, cocktails13, and cheese04 plus membercards with Marieke.
May 3rd, 2009- Traded ramen02 for cocktails08 and membercard with Cate.
May 1st, 2009- Traded chicken08 for liquor20 from Jaoie. Mastered Liquor, got popcorn15, pineapple03, pricklypears05, dango07, vinegar, sugar, spaghetti01, and spaghetti02.
April 30th, 2009- Took layout13, bangersmash04, blueberrymuffin04, caramelshortbread06, omelettes02, ricepudding07 from Updates. Took pumpkins19 and coconuts08 from Freebies. Won mayonnaise06, fish&chips02, mochi09, yams06, and pepperoni plus 1 regular card of choice. I chose liquor19. Won beansprouts14, eclairs17, tomatoes06 and salt from Chips & Dip. Found the cupcake, got caramelshort02, apples05, oranges08, goldeggs01, and molasses. Won toast13, yogurt11, 4thjuly16, and mozarella from Pizza Slices. Won cabbage07, battenberg09, raspberries18, and brown sugar from On the Menu. Won blueberrymuffin06, hotchocolate14, wine14, and hotpeppers13 from Spillage.  Exchanged my hotpeppers13 double for redfood03. Won mincepie01, strawberries09, applecider06, and vanilla from Supermarket Dash. Won plumpudding20, rhubarb04, and cheddar from Tastebuds. Took cheese05 and pumpkins14 from Buffet.
April 29, 2009- Traded lemons06 for soda05 with Wolfsheart. Waiting on her membercard. Leveled up twice, got liquor13,liquor16, liquor17, liquor18,  marshmellows08, drumsticks16, oatmeal06, coleslaw03, burgers20, and hotdogs18.
April 27th, 2009- Won beans01, frozen20, blueberries11, bakingsoda02, and parmasan02 from Wordsearch. Won bagels20, scones07, and sausage03 from Missing Ingrediant.
April 16th, 2009- Traded chocolate02 for liquor12 and membercards from Hayley. Received membercard from Jersina. Took beansprouts06, boiledeggs10, wine01/02/03 from Updates. Won 3 foodcolorings01 from Win FoodColoring. Took hotdogs12 and fruits03 from Freebies. Got burnt 04, burnt08, burnt08, and noodles17 from Recipe for Disaster.
April 15th, 2009- Baked a Key Lime Pie in the Kitchen. Retired limes20, 2 flours, 1 butter, 2 sugars, 3 eggs, 1 milk, and 2 cream. Got empanadas02, honey03, yeast01, oil01, keylime01, keylime02. Completed easter challenge#7, got pizza04, tofu18, chicken08, choceggs15, and easter27.
April 14th, 2009- Traded turkey02 for pasta01 from Cookie. Traded doughnuts02,06,11 for bananas06, and pasta08/17 from Jersina. Waiting on membercard.
April 12th, 2009- Took apricots14 and ethnic08 from freebies. Traded peeps05, peeps06, and peeps13 for liquor15, cheese14, and cheese18 plus membercards from Emma. Painted an egg! Got paintedeggs01. Solved the hard puzzle, got onigiri11, burgers08, chocbunnies01, empanadas12, chocolate16, milk02, oil03, bakingsoda01, strawberrysmoothierecipe, puzzle10, and 1 reg choice card. Picked liquor10 for my choice card. Took easter23 instead of completing easter challenge #3 since I completed the hard puzzle. Found alamode01 from picnic hunt. Found alamode02 from picnic hunt. Found alamode04 from picnic hunt. Completed picnic hunt, got alamode05, choceggs10, shortbread17, creamcheese01, vingegar02 and choice card of liquor11. Mastered alamode. Completed easter challenge #8, got fish&chips03, mincepie15, ramen02, choceggs11, and easter28.
April 10th, 2009- Won candycorn16, frozentreats02, avocados18, eastercookies10, and easter20 from eggs-it. Completed easter challenge #2, got macncheese16, frozentreats20, chocolate02, eastereggs12, and easter22. Completed easter challenge #6, got noodles10, tofu20, grapefruit16, eastercookies18, and easter26. Leveled up twice, got liquor 08, liquor09, apricots01, fortune14, picklypears04, eggnog16, fortune20, and zongzi02. Found the 8th egg, got rolls20, bellpeppers08, christmas04, simnelcake12, and easter08. Completed easter challenge #5, got paella05, zucchini08, cantaloupe17, goldeggs13, and easter25. Completed challenge #4, got redfood17, drumsticks08, crackers04, choceggs04, and easter24. Received painted eggs recipe. Found the 1st egg, received 12 eggs03 and easter01. Found the 10th egg, cremebrulee13, halloween05, doughnuts02, hotxbuns14, and easter10. Found the cupcake, received oatmealcookies10, caviar10, hotpeppers13, soup03, and vinegar03. Won applecider13, sprouts19, redfood05, and flour03 from Trivia. Won passionfruit11, marshmellows04, mozzarella01, and cream03 from Memory. Won rolls01, oatmeal19, oatmeal04, candybars06, and sugar01 from Movie Night. Won cantaloupe13, blueberries02, pasta11, and flour03 from Mixing Bowl. Won dimsum07, blackberries10, and creamcheese03 from Missing Ingrediant. Won bread06, satay05, soda08, brownsugar03, and vanilla03 from Mash. Got oil01 from Go Fish. Found the 9th egg, got cannolis18, paella01, burgers09, hotxbuns17, and easter09. Found Mr. Turkey but he escaped again, got turkey02, mash02, yamdishes12, turkey19, and yamdishes06. Found a picnic hunt card, alamode03 which is worth 2. Found the 2nd egg, got spaghetti08, ham11, christmas20, simnelcake17, and easter02. Found the 6th egg, got simnelcake02, easter06, dragonfruit11, gnocchi17, and lollipops19. Completed easter challenge #1, got mochi16, cocktails12, cottoncandy14, chocbunnies20, and easter21.
April 9th, 2009- Received membercard, cinnamon16, butter03, and sprouts13. Found the 4th egg, got ginger14, cocktails09, tomatoes17, peeps06, and easter04. Found the 3rd egg, got oatmeal13, wraps18, cocktails11, simnelcake18, and easter03. Found the 5th egg, got cannolis05, papayas04, zongzi18, simnelcake06, and easter05. Won gingerbeardhouse14, zongzi04, battenburg10, eastereggs11, and easter 12 from eggs-actly. Won onigiri15, sushi11, ginger19, choclateeggs19, and easter11 from eggs. Won bread13, pasta05, 4thjuly13, chocolatebunnies06, and easter 13 from eggs-ample. Found the 7th egg, got dips17, cantaloupe16, candycanes20, goldeggs07, and easter07. Won xmascookies01, mulledwine12, rhubarb09, hotxbuns20, and easter14 from eggs-cellent. Won candycorn06, macncheese15, drumsticks01, eastercookies18, and easter15 from eggs-citing. Won spaghetti06, gingerbread13, lemons07, peeps11, easter16 from eggs-traordinary. Won marshmellows20, parsnips20, drumsticks17, eastereggs03, and easter17 from eggs-pectations. Won hotpeppers19, celery01, pecans05, peeps05, and easter18 from eggs-travagence. Won pineapple09, doughnuts06, raisins03, simnelcake14, crossiants17, squash16, olympics16, peeps13, bananas19, choceggs13, easter19, lasagna17, and eclais19 from eggs-agerate.
April 6th, 2009- Leveled up. Received guava02, grilledcheese06, dango06. Also received 2 cards of choice, chose Liquor06 and Liquor07.
April 5th, 2009- Received starter pack. Got cupcakes08 and cheese06 from freebies. Took cheeseburger01 from update. Found christmas11 for advent day 3. Won hotdog07, meatloaf13, dragonfruit15, and sausage01 from food glorious food. Got burnt10, burnt05, and bellpepper17 from recipe for disaster. Won parsnips08, limes20, pepperoni01, and molasses01 from takeout. Won lettuce18, nutmeg09, mozzarella02, and hotsauce02 from what's cooking. Won pancakes14, hotpeppers09, canadianbacon01, and preserves13 from In the Kitchen. Won doughnuts11, maplesyrup12, yulelog12, butter01, and eggs01 from wordsearch. Won butter01, candybars11, lemons06, frozentreat14, sprouts06, salt03, preserves14, and plums06 from mixing bowl. Won hotpeppers16, pancakes03, paella12, papayas12, and vanilla03 from Movie. Won ham17, breast13, and pamesan03 from Missing. Won papayas13, wontonsoup03, pierogi03, milk03 from trivia. Won carrots16, jellybeans12, cremebrulee03, and foodcoloring03 from Wrong Ingrediant.  Won one ingrediant of choice (milk01), 2 reg choice (liquor 02, liquor03), olympics07, oatmeal02, eggs02, oil03, gingerbreadcookies09, jacketpotato01, and one reg choice (liquor04) from the Cafe. Found profiteroles04 from picnic hunt. Won broccoli16, gum13, oil03, and brownsugar02 from Memory.