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Here you can find my cards for Horcrux, a Harry Potter themed TCG. If you join please say JessRaquel referred you.

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Trading Log
July 11th, 2009- Leveled up, got chosen13, hbptrailer08, hippogriffs02, humble02, physical03, and prisoner06.
July 9th, 2009- Got feast07, ravenclaw04, and ravenclawprebadge from Quick Quotes. Got hippogriffs08 and christmas05 from Book1 Trivia. Got grim08 and creatures18 from Book3 Trivia. Got theviel18 and unleashed05 from Book4 Trivia. Got witnesses04 and halloween02 from Book5 Trivia. Got fullmoon05 and boggart04 from PoA Movie Trivia. Got assulted09 and botany10 from Mad-Eye. Got hippogriffs06/07/10/11/13 from Room of Requirement.  
July 8th, 2009- Received starter pack of aurore04, deception15, giant12, hippogriffs01/04/09, loony08, messenger04, ravenclaw10, and trapped05. Got Avery's membercard. Got waltzing05 and sentimental05 from Freebies. Found the golden snitch, got pixies12 and clever11. Got pureevil14, slytherin07, witnesses11, king09, hbptrailer08, wizardrock14, feast13, spells11, nerve09, ootppromo06, and scabbers from Ancient Runes. Got creatures19 and metamorphosis02 from Care of Magical Creatures. Got rejected07 and ferret06 plus Harry's Wand from Charms. Got radcliffe01 and halloween15 from Herbology. Got princely08 and letters14 from History of Magic. Got owquidditch and christmas11 from Muggle Studies. Got humble01 and pixies06 from Potions. Got king05 and cockroach01 from Transfiguration. Got feast02 and tempers08 from Exploding Snaps. Got pureevil07, twincores20, and halloween10 from Fawkes Song. Got hippogriffs06 and grim06 from Memory. Got rhr11 and potterpuppetpals12 from Tales of Beetle bard.