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These are my cards for the online Disney TCG So Magical. If you join please say JessRaquel referred you.

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Trading Post
July 9th, 2009- Received hiatustoken2 for voting on new film decks.
June 25th, 2009- Got hiatustoken5/2/4 for my birthday in August!
June 15th, 2009- Traded charbelle01/11 for forest26, songavamaria04, and membercards with Sarah. Traded charnuka06 for forest22 from BJ.
May 18th, 2009- Traded songbelle02, charaurora14/15, songburnedoutvillage05, and spirit03 for songavemarie14, songhesatramp11, songkingofpriderock12, songpinesofrome07, and songjacksobsession06 plus membercards with Loramir. Traded rose30 for forest02 plus membercards with Platinum. Got charbelle11, charsally02, and pedigree27 from Bens Behind. Got songavemarie08, songcircleoflifereprise12, and charpegasus06 from Lottery. Got songbattlewithevil14, songsiamesecat13, and songtopsyturvy05 from Milos Decoder. Got chardory11/15 from Mulans Match. Got fantasia22, chartod12, and roar17 from Peter Pans Shadow. Got charprinceedward12 and songbeautybeast01 from Pegasus Puzzle. Got charkovu12, charpegasus04, and charphillip09 from Vixeys Voices. Got songcircleoflife11 and songtigerfight02 from Walles wonders.
May 12th, 2009- Mastered spring09 event deck. Received nightmare04, tinker11, songbelle02, songbellsofnotredame14, and charpongo06.
May 10th, 2009- Sang one note, lost one petal and received charsally05, songcircleoflife08, and songeverchasechickens04. Sang one note, took down one petal and received songwhatsthis07 and songunfortunatesouls08. Sang one note, lost one petal and received songarabiannights12. Sang one note, lost a petal and got songgodhelptheoutcasts13. Sang one note, lost a petal and got fantasia06. Sang one note, lost a petal and got charcopper03. Sang a note, lost a petal and got roar15. Sang one note, lost a petal and got charariel07 and chardodger14. Sang a note, lost a petal and got charsimba09 and charjasmine14. Sang a note, lost a petal and got songkingofpriderock15, songsiamesecat02, and songpinesofrome05. Sang a note, lost a petal and got songlovetonight12 and songthisishalloween07. Sang a note, lost my last petal and got chartramp15 and charalice10. Got a petal, friends02, roar04, and songimwishing09 from Mini Event Mothers day. Sang a note, used last petal and got charpegasus10 and charaurora15.
May 4th, 2009- Mastered charbambi. Received nightmare03, slipper21, songmulansdecision04, songmylullaby03, charsulley05, and father14.
May 3rd, 2009- Got songeverchasechickens15, songjafarshour01, and songunbirthday14 from Ariels Song. Got neverland09, nightmare02, perfect28, sea22, and future01 from Belles Books. Got charbanzai02, charfairygodmother06, and charpegasus12 from Emperors New Clothes. Won roar23, songbibbidi15, and songvisitors08 from Ladys Location. Got forest23 and songtownmeeting07 from Lottery. Got incredible06, songprincealireprise15, and songsomethingthere12 from Merlins Match. Got songonceuponadream10 and chartod04 from Mulans Match. Got songburnedoutvillage05, songdalmatianplantation02, and songdefinedancing06 from Pongo Spots. Got burne19, charbelle01, and charpeterpan05 from Queen Quotes. Got choice filler, attack01, songmorningreport05, songprincewillcome06, and chariago09 from Basils Report. Chose choice filler to be bambi06. Got musicbox09, roar06, songflotsamjetsam11, charflower14, and charsimba14 from Crossword. Got pride23 and songjacksobsession07 from Patch of Heaven. Got songkingofpriderock09, songzerotohero02, charpongo01, and puppet16 from Tarzans trivia. Got charpongo15, outcast19, and songiwonder11 from Timons TV. Received rescue17, songmakingchristmas13, and charoliver05 from Pinocchio's Lie. Levelled up, received charbambi11/14, charratigan15, songmalleycat04, roadtrip21, and duo08.
May 2nd, 2009- Got hunny06, songburnedoutvillage08, songunderthestars11, charaurora14, and charjafar02 from Pink or Blue rewards.
May 1st, 2009- Won one petal, spring0912, spring0913, future15, and songfollowingtheleader11 from Violets. Got one petal, spring914, spring915, charfrollo11, charlumiere05, charratcliffe05 from Red Roses.
April 30th, 2009- Won one petal, spring0908, spring0909, songbaby02, songprincealireprise05, songtrueloveconquersall15 from Snapdragons. Won one petal, spring0910, spring0911, framed18, and framed26. Received trader005 and trader010 for doing 24 trades.
April 20th, 2009- Traded charstitch13 for songjacksobsession12 and membercards with Cannus.
April 25th, 2009- Traded songhigitusfigitus01, musicbox22, songunderthesea11, and membercard for charbambi08, songtigerfight12, and songpinesofrome13 and membercard from Kearin. Won band06, fly23, and charnuka06 from Behind. Won forest04 and rose30 from Lottery. Won songhawaiianwarchant01, songeverchasechickens02, and songdistancereprise02 from Decoder. Won songfinalereprise14, songthekiss03 from Memory. Won musicbox01, charcinderella10, chargenie11 from Shadow. Won burne02 and songkingofpriderock14 from Puzzle. Won charstitch13, charperdita11, and charwalle09 from Voices.
April 17th, 2009- Traded aristocrats16 for nightmare01 and membercards from Sarah.
April 14th, 2009- Leveled up. Received charbambi04, charbambi05, aristrocrat16, songtransformation06, charquasimodo03, and heroine02. Traded rat26 and gus09 for townmeeting01/15 and membercards with Jess.
April 13th, 2009- Traded songunderthesea11 for charbambi12 and membercards with Daphne.
April 12th, 2009- Traded charbanzai11 for charbambi07 with BJ as well as membercards. Won one petal, spring0904, fancyfree10, and thieves12 from sm daffodils. Won one petal, spring0902, spring0903, songhakunamatata11, and songmaleficentappears08 from bread & butterflies. Got 2 petals, fly30, and charmaleficent10 from daisy. Won one petal, spring0905, nightmare07, and toy218 from dandylion. Won one petal, spring0906, songattackatthewall06, and aongbeacatreprise01 from Lily. Won one petal, spring0907, charpegasus09, and charradcliffe13 from marigold. Traded songhakunamatata11 for charbambi10 along with membercard with Jessica. Won one petal, spring0901, charbianca214, and charkuzco05 from Blue Belles. Traded charzazu04, charabu04, and membercard for nightmare26, nightmare29, and membercard from Kim2.
April 8th, 2009- Traded outcast12, rose23, and songawakening12 & member card for songtigerfight08 & 09, songavemaria03, and member card from Wendy.
April 5th 2009- Received starter pack. Won songhellfire01, songhesatramp05, songhigitusfigitus01 in Ariel's song. Won archer13, rose23, and walle04 in Belle's Books. Won charbanzai11, charjohnsmith15, and charmcqueen05 in Clothes. Won songdalmationplantation08, charcopper09, and charmarie01 in Location. Won christmas16, rat26, and songpinesofrome08 from Merlin's. Won songjig07, songmobsong09, and songthestorm15 from Pongo. Won musicbox22, outcast12, and chartinkerbell09 from Quotes. Won choice filler, half01, songbattleonthetower11, songtownmeeting03, and charduchess07 from Basil reports. Exchanged choice filler at Zero/Hero for Bambi15. Won spirit03, songbeacatreprise08, songgoldenafternoon09, songmulansdecision07, and songunderthesea11 from Crossword. Took songtigerfight01 and pedigree19 from Circle of Life. Won lamb27, songsonofman12, chargus09 from Timons TV. Leveled up to Magelet. Received charbambi02, charbambi03, dreams20, songbeacatreprise10, charabu04, and love01.