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All the animals here have been adopted from Twiluu. They have many facinating creatures but if you want a pet you are gonna have to look hard and search for them! If you would like your own, please go here.

These are my Twiluu ponies. Prince, the majestic purple pony is the leader of the group. He is a purebred as well as the brown and white pacthwork mare Ganja, the rest are all wild. The rainbow pony is Sunset, the starry one is Night, and the only other male is Tiger..Named after his coat of course.

These are my meelos, right now they are running free but usually they are kept in a cage for their own protection. Their names are Doggy and Foxy.

These are my Faela Dogs. A fairy offered these guys to me, thinking they could have a chance at a great home. The leader is Boondock with his mate, Latte. The other two are Balto and Seawave. They are a very close little pack.


Now these creatures, I'm not quite sure what they are! I came across them when they were still in the egg stage. The male is Edward and the female is Bella. Since they have been here, they have created a family of their own. Two little females named Flitter and Bianca.



This is my Karu cat. As you can see he is a rather moody fellow and didn't want anyone else coming with him. His name is Apathy and really likes to keep to himself.


This white tiger cub was abandoned after it's parents were killed by poachers. Luckily we found each other and the guardian of the place where I found him allowed me to keep him. He may seem sad now but in time he will grow up into a healthy adult. His name is Jacob.