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You head towards the stables and as soon as you enter, the warm scent of horses and sharo whinnies reach out to greet you. There are rows upon rows of stalls and each one has a shiny brass label on the front with each horses name. Some of them hang their heads over the door to greet you...Others eye you warily. Behind the stable is a huge pasture with a few horses enjoying the sunshine. Remember that these horses are MINE, if you want your own then follow the link to adopt one.




This is my Gypsy Vanner mare, Celtic Dream. She was sired by Gypsy Thunder and birthed from The Fairy Queen. I adopted her from The DoubleHorseshoe Ranch. You can adopt your own here.

This small herd of horses came from Havilah. The stallion is Jermak, the two mares are Sunrise and Sniper, and the foal is Patterns..Jermak and Snipers colt.